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USAPL Vegas Nationals

DMV-USA Pool League provides multiple paths to reach the USAPL National Event.

League Teams

To qualify, a team must play the Summer and Fall sessions, when a team also plays the Winter session, we take the higher score between  Winter and Summer plus Fall session to rank teams.

Finish in the top 20% of teams across all divisions per game format and your team will automatically win $6000 to cover travel expenses plus $625 paid entry to the USAPL Teams National Event.  Although we guarantee top 20% of teams, any remaining prize funds at the end of the year will be added for sending additional teams, extending up to 25% of teams or more. 

USAPL Tournament Series

Competing in our weekly tournament accumulates points, finishing Top 16 in points by the end of the year qualifies for a 16 person tournament finals and a chance to win a paid trip plus entry to the USAPL Singles National Event worth $900.  Follow our Facebook Group here for details.

Division Representatives

Division Reps earn $750 toward travel expenses for the USAPL National Event in Las Vegas.  Division Reps also play in their divisions for free.

(Minimum two consecutive sessions per year to qualify for travel expenses)

Pay Your Own Way

USA Pool League allows for any eligible team to pay their own travel expenses and entry into the USAPL National Event in both teams and singles events.  See eligibility requirements here.


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