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League Rules

Rules and By-Laws for the DMV Area Licensee

Disclosure: All decisions and processes outlined below are subject to change at any time by discretion of the League Operator.

The explicit policies in the following local by-laws supplant duplicate policies or in absence thereof, default to the policies and rules in the USAPL Official Player's Handbook.

League Policies

Registration & Sign-Ups
Sessions & Schedules
Fees & Paymets




New teams and individuals can sign up via our website or by emailing

Existing teams have priority to re-register until 2-weeks before the end of a session.  Teams on the waiting list will replace any available team slots.

Cut-off for roster changes is after the 4th week of a Session's schedule.  Email any roster changes to



There will be 3 sessions per calendar year. Winter - Summer - Fall

Winter Session (16 weeks): Begins 1st week of January, ends the 3rd week of April.

Summer Session (16 weeks): Begins 4th week of April, ends 2nd week of August.

Fall Session (17-18 weeks): Begins 3rd week of August, ends week before Christmas.

No scheduled play on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas week until after New Years Day.

Play, Pre-plays or make-up matches are required for the following Holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Juneteenth, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Mothers/Fathers Days.


All Teams have rosters of up to 8-players and requires 5-sets per scheduled match. 


Team handicaps limits use USAPL's Gold Tier limit of 2375.  Teams will incur 1-penalty point per Fargo handicap over 2375 in a scheduled match.

All game formats will be played in the Short-Race format using the USAPL's Race-To-Calculator.

The minimum division size is 4-teams - The maximum size is 16-teams.


There are NO annual membership fees.

Weekly Team Fees per scheduled match is $65 or $13 per player.  Your division Rep may accept cash and or digital payment.

The full amount of $65 is due every week regardless of scheduled make-up matches or forfeits.

Team Captains are responsible for making payments to their division's Rep. the night of play.

If a team fails to pay the full $65 the day of a match, they will forfeit 200 bonus points for their team.  If a team fails to pay before their next scheduled match, they will be suspended from play and their matches will be forfeited until all payments are current.  No make-up matches will be permitted in this case.

In the event of league cancellation due to uncontrollable circumstances or acts of god, those payments are due the next scheduled league play.

Exactly $40 of the $65 match fees enter the League's Player Prize Funds and are securely deposited into the National Escrow Account until awarding prizes.


Division Reps play an essential role in the league and are the backbone of a well run league operation.  Division Reps are awarded a trip to the Las Vegas National Event and play in their division at no cost. (min 2 consecutive sessions per year to qualify)

Weekly league fee collection payments are due to the League's Operator within 6-days of a division's scheduled match.  If full payments are not submitted by this time, that division's league will be suspended from play.  

If this occurs, the division's Rep will be relieved of their role and restricted from participating in USAPL.  In this event, a new division Rep will be assigned and league play will resume. Make-up matches will be permitted in this case.

Division Reps are fully responsible for the league funds in their possession regardless of circumstances.


Individual set forfeits are worth 125 points and a full-match forfeit worth 600 points.


To avoid forfeits in EMERGENCY situations, one team member may play twice (2-sets) in a team match.  In this event, the opposing team must be notified prior to the start of a match and have the choice of selecting which player double-plays, although, they shall avoid selecting a player which forces the double-play team over the 2375 team limit.  A double-player receives only one credit towards USAPL Nationals eligibility.  A double-player receives only 1 sets worth of MVP points.  NO double-plays are permitted in the final 2 weeks of a session's schedule.


Entire makeup matches may be scheduled per weekly league play for an official holiday listed above in the Sessions & Schedules Policy or due to inclement weather and must be completed in 2 weeks before matches are forfeited.

Only 1 makeup set can be scheduled per league match and must be completed in 2 weeks before matches are forfeited.  No makeup sets can be scheduled in the final 2 weeks of a session. 


Pre-play sets and matches are permitted up to 2-weeks in advance.  The opposing team shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate.


Roster changes are allowed in the first 4-weeks of a session without special approval by the League Operator.  

A new team filling a bye spot is able to join in the first 4 weeks of a new session and will have 4 weeks to makeup missed matches.

If your entire team is a "no-show" on a scheduled league night without advanced notice, your team will be removed from the division and your team/players banned from participating in USAPL unless the entire team's session league fees are paid in full.


In the event a team or teams have an unequal number of matches in a session, that team's cumulative end of session score will be averaged and that average will be added for any missing weeks.


A ball which was accidentally moved in a game, must be replaced to its closest original location in good faith and must be mutually agreed upon by both players.  In the event a mutual agreement by players cannot reached, the division rep will have the authority to replace the ball closest to its original location as he deems upon investigation.  Please be aware, this is a local rule and the default rules will apply outside of our local leagues.


Scoresheet submission requirement:  Only 1 team of a match is required to submit a scoresheet but it is the responsibility of both teams to ensure at least 1 scoresheet is properly submitted.

Match Fee Paid in Full:  Team payments of $65 are due every regularly scheduled match regardless of makeup sets or matches.   It is the equal responsibility of a team and division Rep. to ensure payments are made and collected, respectively. 


USAPL strives to make our league fair and fun for everyone.  This includes promoting and fostering an environment in which sportsmanship and sport etiquette are of top priority.  We provide a single warning then move to a zero-tolerance policy for recurring issues.

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Team & Divisions


The USAPL Nationals is an annual event held in late February to early March at the RIO Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

This event includes both Team and Single player tournaments in 8ball, 9ball, and 10ball formats.


1. A player must play a minimum of 4 matches in Summer and 4-matches in Fall Session to be eligible for USAPL Nationals. 

2. Stay on an active roster the following year during Nationals with 2-matches played.

For additional USAPL Nationals Team/Player Eligibility requirements, please see pages 14-15 in the Official USAPL Player's Handbook.


League Player Prize Funds are compartmentalized per division, in other words, each division's league fees are awarded back to the same division in prizes post Rep fees, trophies, merit awards, etc.

Your division's prize fund depends on the size of your division during the 3 sessions in a calendar year.

Prizes :

Sponsored National Team: $6,625.00

Sponsored National Player: $900.00

Sponsored National Team Prizes are awarded in order of priority in denominations of $6,625.00 until this denomination cannot be met.   Next, Sponsored National Player Prizes are awarded in denominations of $900.00 until this denomination cannot be met.  Any remaining money will be rolled over to the next year.


(in order of priority)


In the 3 sessions per calendar year, we add your team's session scores throughout the year to come up with an end-of-year ranking system for your division.  Participation in the Summer and Fall session is REQUIRED to be eligible.  If your team participates in the Winter session, we will drop the lower session's score between Winter and Summer to combine with the Fall Session for final rankings.  


When a division's prize fund affords multiple Sponsored National Team Prizes, one team prize will be reserved for a single elimination playoff for teams who did not win through our session rankings.


If your division's prize fund affords one or more Sponsored National Player Prizes, your division Rep will choose to either host a singles tournament for all players who did not win a Sponsored Team Prize or automatically award division MVP's using the Session Ranking system (best of Winter/Summer + Fall)


Any Team or Player who is eligible, may fund their own travel and tournament entry to compete at the National Event.  Please contact your division Rep or League Operator for more information.

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